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Thread: Window shopping 14R today

Created on: 12/07/18 02:07 PM

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Location: St. Louis MO

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Window shopping 14R today
12/07/18 2:07 PM

I do this all the time and I do not know if I am starting to get serious about it or if it is the start of the winter blues. I have a 2008 that is set up for me as an old mans bike without hardly any lean over to ride. It is the super dark metallic blue that just looks so pretty and hardly ever see another one like it. It is no frills without gidgets, widgets or gadgets. It is 180 at the rear wheel and scary fast for me. It has LSL bar kit, chrome wheels and Leo Vince full pipe with carbon can, PC5 and flashed brain. I have everything to put it back to stock to sell and it only has a little over 5000 miles on it. I do not know what will interchange with a 2012 or newer and that might be the only reason since I do not want to start a new money pit. There are lots of 2012 and up out there that are low mileage and stock fairly cheap but I have yet to find a color scheme that excites me like the 2008.

I don't know if I am trying to talk myself into it or out of it.

Thanks -- Bobby

2015 FJR1300A
2008 ZX14
2001 ZRX1200

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RE: Window shopping 14R today
12/07/18 10:46 PM

It's fun to look at new bikes, and I've been considering replacing my '13 ZX, only because it's pushing 5 years old and I've got the itch, not because there's actually anything wrong with it whatsoever ... but I'm having a hard time finding anything better!! ... or even as good!

Similar to you, I've got mine set up with the short risers and also side cases, top case and a slightly taller Puig windscreen, and it's just a fantastic bike that suits me very well the way it sits right now.

If Kawi made the 2018 or 2019 or even 2020 big ZX in a color that really caught my eye, I could see myself just swapping my '13 14 for a newer one. So far, none grab me better than my plain ol' white one.

That said, I've been thinking about the KTM Super Duke GT, but just not completely sold on it yet ... questionable reliability from some, funky looking front end, and she sure ain't cheap. But since if I do get one it would probably be the 2019 model, and they're not even in my area yet, I don't really have to decide. So ... I continue to look and shop and read, which is still fun and interesting anyway.

Good luck, whichever way ya go


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RE: Window shopping 14R today
12/08/18 5:26 AM

I really like the white one.I tried to get one when they first came out.No abs though.Wanted an abs bike.As for switching to a KTM,they're okay bikes...but not a 14.I'm so spoiled with mine,nothing else will work for me.Except my H2.Rides everybit as smooth and all as my 14.Even moreso.I rode a few other brands.No way were they as good as the Kawis.I could never switch out.

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RE: Window shopping 14R today
12/08/18 11:58 AM

Time goes fast so why start all over again, and lose my rare color scheme to boot?
I'll still have more torque than upgrading to the next gen.
I still have a tight engine this low a mileage to keep scaring me and my smileage.
I need to go on line and be...

... Snapped out of it!

Tormenting the motorcycling community one post at a time

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RE: Window shopping 14R today
12/09/18 7:04 AM

I look forward to liking the picture of your new ride !

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2016 ZX14R SE

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RE: Window shopping 14R today
12/15/18 12:10 PM

I had a 2008 and traded it in for a 2012 14R and was able to use the LSL bars and tree with a little modding to the ign lock as they aren't exactly the same but everything else is, with the Sargent seat and those bars I can ride for as long as I want and I have back problems. Jump in the newer bike is so much better.

Ft. Lauderdale

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Blkcasper's Gravatar

Location: California

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RE: Window shopping 14R today
12/18/18 9:49 PM

I've been doing the same but on a different level. I have 2 2013 zx14r's one stretched and heavily moded, and a stock one heavily moded, I've been looking at either the H2 or the H2 SXSE, as nothing else really compares to the ZX14r's. that super charger sound on/off throttle and those chirps has me wiggling in my seat. ROFL. I have a friend that has the H2 SXSE that I have ridden with, its not as fast as the zx14r stock, but upright egro's , bag options, and that motor sound ….ohhh what a symphony. But as to the 2008 to 2012 what you get with the newer bike is about 20 more hp stock, better handling, traction control, that is really a plus if you ride hard, actually even if you don't, some like the traction control/abs until you've rode with it you'll never appreciate it. its saved me a lot of times!

Luvin My 2012 Green ZX14R.

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RE: Window shopping 14R today
12/18/18 11:30 PM

I agree with blkcasper.. I had an ‘11 I was totally in love with...until it was totaled. The ‘15 that replaced it is just plain better, in every way! I did like the green n gloss black better than the 2015’s metallic matte carbon, but with the deal I got I couldn’t be choosy. All the g2 upgrades make up for it in spades! Good luck with ur decision lytnin, but in the end, a 14 is a 14 and none better!

Mark D.
'15 we go again! stand; M4 slip-ons; helibars; PCS1 racing filter; MRA touring screen; ZG double bubble screen; Sargent low profile seat; Throttlemeister cc; ProjektD rad guard; Puig hugger; ZG Marc1 ws; fender eliminator, Knight Design 1 3/8 lowered pegs, Schnitz flash.
'08 1600 Vulcan

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Southwestern Illinois

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RE: Window shopping 14R today
12/19/18 7:40 AM

I must be nucking futz for not getting another ZX-14 or R to replace the Blue Whale. They are a marvelous piece of engineering with the cast chassis/airbox and the powerful motor carried low in the frame. But I went with the Super Duke GT. It's 80 lbs lighter than a 14 (100 lighter than an R) and has a similar power-to-weight ratio. It's sneaky fast and although it doesn't have the visceral feel of the 14's powerband, it's still very easy to go faster on than one may intend. I probably could have had a nice, low-mile 14 for half what the KTM cost and could have transferred all the BW's mods straight on. Like I said, nucking futz.

'07 CPB Blue; ZGST windscreen with MRA X-screen adjustable spoiler, tube bar adaptor, PC III, ATRE,BMC air filter, modified stock seat with 2nd Look cover,Scorpion Flame Ti slip-ons, Galfer rotors front and rear, braided-stainless lines, C-F 10R front fender, C-F hugger, C-F inner fairing panels, painted foreman's fins with faux C-F inlay, polished rim lips wired for heated gear and accessories, Givi V35 side bags and E41 topcase with SW-Motech qd mounts

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RE: Window shopping 14R today
12/24/18 4:18 AM

Ultimately remove the stock exhaust and replace with a 4 to 1. Replace the stock ecm and dyno tune and you have a beast!! Or just drop $7,000 on a turbo and have a Bike you cant keep a rear tire on.

* Last updated by: Kancha on 12/24/2018 @ 4:19 AM *

2017 ZX-14R
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2017 Indian Roadmaster
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Location: Portland, OR

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RE: Window shopping 14R today
01/01/19 11:28 AM


Take a look at a Ninja 1000 H2 SX...!

Tons o' power, bars are fairly high, a new fun experience!

2018's are heavily discounted...

Plus you can keep your ZX and avoid your feelings of loss and deprivation...

2016 SE ABS Guhl Flash/Map, Yosh R-77 4-1.

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Joined: 03/22/12

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RE: Window shopping 14R today
01/02/19 9:40 AM

Kancha, on my '12, I reflashed the ECM. No need to replace it. Has something changed with your '17?

Ft. Lauderdale, FL
'12 ZX-14R

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